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Yonkyu (Green Belt 1st degree)

Danzan Ryu Aikijutsu

Yonkyu (4th Kyu) Green Belt 1st degree



  1. I.         Kadena de Mano

Defense Drills

1. High/ low cover

2. Leg lift against Front kick

3. Turn kicking leg over

4. Strike groin or sweep supporting leg


  1. II.          Atemi Waza

1. Suigetsu – Solar plexus-from hook

2. Tsuki Mata – Groin- knee from hook

3. Fukuto – Thigh-knee inside and out

4. Hokkyoku – Base of skull combine with sidekick


  1. III.         Advanced Yawara
    1. Rear shoulder grab – Figure 4 and sweep
    2. Hairgrab front – Reverse armbar
    3. Hairgrab rear – Right angle hold
    4. Hammerlock – Pull out, figure 4
    5. Tackle – Forearm, front fall, choke
    6. 2nd Push and Pull Drill- with full retraction and combine all


  1. IV.            Shime No Kata
    1. Dakikubi Shime:         Headlock throw and neck hold
    2. Osaegami Shime:        Hair and chin neck break
    3. Kote Shime:              Crossbody bent armbar
    4. Tenada Shime:           Japanese armbar from counter choke
    5. Do Shime:                 Short rib scissors
    6. Ashi Karame Shime:   Strangle and leg grapevine
    7. Ashi Nada Shime:       Japanese legbar
    8. Ashi Yubi Shime:       Knee lock and ankle twist
    9. Momo Shime:            Counter to Do Shime

10. Shika No Issoku         Leglock and hammerlock on mat

11. Shidare Fuji Shime:    Choke with big toe

12. Tatsumaki Shime:       Dragon choke with reverse armbar


  1. V.             Goshin Waza – Self Defense Techniques
    1. Overhead Strike Defense
      1. Parry into groin, kick knee and choke from rear
      2. Uppercut Defense
        1. Block, elbow up and chop down, knee inside thigh, figure four shoulder lock.
        2. Block and strike solar plexus, hammerlock and choke
        3. 3.    Parry, sokumen.

C. Backfist Defense

  1. Parry moving in and chop tricep, Ikkajo using elbow and legsweep or reverse elbow lock
  2. Parry late, strike head, turn and figure 4


  1. VI.          Stick defense

         1. Elbow break against angles 1 and 3

2. Thumb break against angles 2 and 4


  1. VII.          Kappo and Massage- attend workshop before brown belt test


  1. VIII.          Review Yawara and Nage
    1. Moving Nage no Kata


  1. IX.          Self Defense
    1. Self defense drills – Medium level
    2. Defend against stick


  1. X.          Reikishi

Reflect on your involvement in Martial Arts


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