The dojo requires covid vaccination record and well-fitting n95 masks in class.

If you tested positive for covid and are symptomatic—wait until your symptoms are gone, at least 5 days passed, and you have a negative test before training.

If you tested positive for covid, and have no symptoms—wait 5 days and then test, return once you have a negative test

If you do not have access to a test make sure any symptoms are gone and minimum of 10 days have passed from the date of your positive test.

If you have been exposed to someone who tested positive for covid at the dojo or elsewhere we will differentiate between 2 levels of exposure- training partner (someone you have close contact with, particularly if it is prolonged), and classmate (casual/short contact). Note—if you also have covid-like symptoms then please do not return to class until symptoms are gone.

1. training partner—test on day 5 after exposure and if negative resume training. 

2. classmate—take one day off, get tested 72 hours after exposure and if negative return to training, test again on day 5.  

All tests mentioned above can be antigen (at home) or PCR tests.