Advanced Yawara

1.Single rear wrist grab            Circular release/ Z-bar / Wrist flex

2.Double rear wrist grab           Circular release/ Right angle hold

3.Two-on-one rear wrist grab   Pry release/ Single arm break

4.Rear long-arm choke             Windmill release/ Takedown or arm break

5.Rear bar-arm choke               Take down release/ Rotate into headlock

6.Single lapel grab                    Strike arm, elbowlock / Ears, eyes, head butt, groin

7.Front bearhug, arms free        Push away / Eye, throw

8.Front bearhug, arms pinned   Hip push, groin, throat push / Ribs, reverse elbow lock

9.Rear bearhug, arms free –       Hand nerve, finger break / Groin, reverse entering throw

10.Rear bearhug, arms pinned – Wedge, turn, groin, throat push/ Groin grab and stomp

11.Rear shoulder grab               Figure 4 and sweep

12.Hairgrab front                      Reverse armbar

13.Hairgrab rear                       Right angle hold

14.Hammerlock                        Pull out, figure 4 armlock

15.Tackle                                 Forearm, front fall, choke


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