Danzan Ryu Aikijutsu

Yonkyu (4th Kyu) Green Belt 1st degree

I. Kadena de Mano

Defense Drills

  1. Leg lift against Front kick

II. Advanced Yawara

  1. Rear shoulder grab – Figure 4 and sweep
  2. Hairgrab front – Reverse armbar
  3. Hairgrab rear – Right angle hold
  4. Hammerlock – Pull out, figure 4
  5. Tackle – Forearm, front fall, choke
  6. 2nd Push and Pull Drill- with full retraction and combine all

III. Shime No Kata- expand first Groundflow

4th Groundflow

  1. Do Shime: Short rib scissors
  2. Momo Shime: Counter to Do Shime
  3. Ashi Karame Shime: Strangle and leg grapevine
  4. Tenada Shime: Japanese armbar from counter choke
  5. Tatsumaki Shime: Dragon choke with reverse armbar

5th Groundflow

  1. Shidare Fuji Shime: Choke with side of foot
  2. Ashi Nada Shime: Japanese legbar- from guard too
  3. Ashi Yubi Shime: Ankle twist- from guard too
  4. Shika No Issoku: Leglock and hammerlock

IV. Goshin Waza – Self Defense Techniques

A. Enter Outside

  1. Parry/Hit and elbow break, Katate Tori (only Mirror Stance)
  2. PPC, Klaw takedown
  3. PPC, Choke from rear
  4. Hook & Palm, Ikkajo
  5. Hook & Palm, Figure 4
  6. Hook & Palm, Sokumen
  7. Hook & Palm, Sankajo

 V. Stick defense

  1. Elbow break against angles 1 and 3
  2. Thumb break against angles 2 and 4

VI. Kappo and Massage- attend workshop before brown belt test

VII. Self Defense

  1. Self defense drills – from cover and grabs
  2. Defend against stick




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