Key to Ranks– 8th Kyu- White, 7+6th Kyu- Blue, 5+4th Kyu-Green, 3rd and up-Brown
1. Footwork– shuffle, step, turn 90 and 180, step and turn
2. Striking– Punch, Kick, Elbow

Strike air solo- slow and step by step, fast, stress balance, movement
Hit Focus mitt- work on movement, mitts lead
Hit pad held to body or helmet- push them across floor, hit continuously timed
Hit body- vary impact, work targeting- 6th Kyu and up
Single person works against bag

3. Blocking

A. angles- Block-8th, Parry-7th, both- 6th, Two handed block-5th, with hit-5th

In order- at above level, random-1 level higher than above
Change attacks- backfist, kicks, elbows- 5th
Angles into techniques (in order-3rd and random- Shodan)
One for one-3rd
Isolate single angle if there are consistent mistakes

B. Jab, cross, hook, hook- high&low hooks, no foot switch-8th, alternate-7th, mix-7th, into techniques-3rd

C. Cover versus kick, grab high kicks, combine-4th

4. Nage

Throw to a count full throw or Uchikomi- load and exit
Throw moving- 5th
All ukemi- in circle or lines

5. Timed Self Defense Drills – 30 seconds to 2 minutes a person

Grab, strike, double strike, 2 attackers, weapons, eyes closed

Vary by resistance, speed, amount of time, in a line

6. Lists– by a count

Yawara, Goshin Waza, Atemi, Advanced Yawara, Nage, etc…

7. Weapons– Stick, Knife, Gun, Rifle

One for one (In order and Random), multiple swings, use weapon

8. Multiple attackers– 1st Kyu

Claw, throat, eyes, groin, hadaka a and b, pen,
Peripheral vision, Tag Game, Grab and Push
Escape and run, Escape from 2 person grab
In Line and encircled- Hit pads
In line atemi + push, slowly then faster in Group, then 2 lines
In line takedown + finish, slowly then faster in Group, then 2 lines
Fight from corner
Pull a person on top of you
Do a lot of damage, don’t hold back, use one as a shield by holding or on the ground, only 3 can come at you effectively at a time, cover up and jam rather than block, very difficult especially if prolonged, take the first one hard, don’t get surrounded

9. Groundflows– techniques listed for one person are always on the same side of the –

I.     Eri gatame-push head> Kata gatame-Wedge head and turn in> Juji gatame- regain arm, control hip and turn toward them> Shiho Gatame- bridge, turn over and go head to head> Hadaka A
II.     Head to Head- double leg take down> into guard position and Namijuji shime (fingers inside)- cross arm and pass under leg> Sankaku gatame- pass leg> Gyakujuji, Ichimonji and Tsukikomi shime (by person 2)
III.     Head to Head> pass arm and half nelson- hook arm and roll> Ushiro gatame, Hadaka B + C
IV.     Head to Head- double leg takedown> Do jime- Momo jime + pass over leg> Choke- buck> Ashi Karame shime- kick out> Tenada jime- attempted choke> Tatsumaki shime- grab arm and turn in
V.     Head to Head> push them toward their back- Shidare Fuji shime> push foot down and encircle leg, Ashi nada Jime- retract leg> Hook heel lock or Ashi yubi jime

10. Push/Pull Flow

8th Kyu- Katate Tori, Klaw to Throat

7th Kyu- Hijishime> Katate Tori

6th Kyu-  Elbowbreak> Figure 4

  • Shihonage> Sankajo

5th Kyu + up- Hijishime> Katate Tori> Kaiten Nage

  • Shhonage> Sankajo
  • Elbowbreak> Katate Tori (Fig. 4)> Kaiten Nage

            Entries from Cover– Shodan and up

I.     Going to the Inside-

a)     Front Hand Hook & Chop (matching stance)

b)    Front or Back Hand Hook & Elbow (matching stance)

c)     Front Hand Hook & Palm (matching stance)

d)    Front Hand Hook & Claw (matching stance)

e)     Double Hook (matching stance)

II.     Going to the outside

a)     Back Hand Hook and Backfist (matching stance)

b)    Front Hand Hook and Palm (matching stance)

c)     Parry, Hit (mirror stance)

d)    Parry, Parry, Check (mirror stance)

Also insert Nikajo in Middle and Sokumen Irimi, Hadaka A, Claw to Throat, Hadaka B +C at end, add Sokumen when partner steps back

Go from right to left arm/side when engaging both arms, Have them tap you if you lose control

Strike- single then strike and push (keep at distance) then double strike (go to body, engage both arms)

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