Self Defense Techniques

Straight Punch Defense

  1. Parry and punch, side choke and sweep leg
  2. Parry, hit and elbow break, Katate Tori
  3. PPC, knee strike and klaw takedown

Roundhouse Punch Defense

  1. Two hand block, two strikes, elbowlock, Katate Tori
  2. Two hand block, Osoto Gari or Seoi Goshi and forearm choke
  3. Block/elbow redirect under, Shihonage
  4. Double block, strike ears, eyes, headbutt, and knee to groin

Overhead Strike Defense

  1. Parry into groin, kick knee and choke from rear

Uppercut Defense

  1. Block, strike elbow up and chop down, knee inside thigh, figure four shoulder lock.
  2. Block and strike solar plexus, hammerlock and choke
  3. Parry, sokumen

Backfist Defense

  1. Parry moving in and chop tricep, Ikkajo using elbow and legsweep or reverse elbow lock
  2. Parry late, strike head, turn and figure 4