Our suggested base rate of monthly membership dues for Aikido, Jujutsu and Battodo is below. For all other arts, please see the links on our home page.

1 art $70
2 arts $80
3 arts $90
Youth Classes $50

Testing Fees:
Sankyu – Ikkyu $40
Dan ranks $75

Sliding scale applies to all the above.
Please just pay what you can and remember that money should never be a reason to stop training.
All payment is done on an honor system. Put the money in an envelope with your name (and what it is for ie. dues, gi, etc…) on it and stick it in the black mailbox by the door.

Or use the link below to make online payments. Again, be sure to include your name and what you are paying for in the notes:

Pay Dues Online ($3 service fee included)

Sliding scale, one time payment or other donation: