The Basic Hand Arts

The course Yawara is for the beginner, the person who has not yet had the opportunity to learn leverage and balance, or the person who fundamentally needs the principles of Jujutsu.  Yawara will not only teach the basis of Jujutsu but will enable the individual to obtain a better perspective on the psychological teachings of Jujutsu as well.

  1. Katate Hazushi Ichi: Outside wrist release
  2. Katate Hazushi Ni: Cross wrist release
  3. Ryote Hazushi: Double wrist release
  4. Morote Hazushi: Two-on-one wrist release
  5. Momiji Hazushi: Front choke release
  6. Ryoeri Hazushi: Double lapel release
  7. Mae Gake Hazushi Hug Defense
  8. Yubi Tori: Finger lock
  9. Moro Yubi Tori: Come-along
  10. Katate Tori: Single wrist break
  11. Ryote Tori: Double hand push
  12. Tekubi Tori Ichi: Outside hand and wrist break
  13. Tekubi Tori Ni: Cross hand and wrist break
  14. Imon Tori: Defense against a chest push
  15. Ryoeri Tori: Double lapel into wrist lock
  16. Akushu Kote Tori: Figure-four arm lock
  17. Akushu Ude Tori: Armbar
  18. Akushu Kote Maki Tori: Overhead strike defense
  19. Kubi Nuki Shime: Escape from a side headlock
  20. Hagai Shime: Jujutsu full nelson from a blow and escape